Sunday, April 25, 2010

Molten Lava Cake and ***Ramekin Giveaway***


Wow! That picture's bright enough to knock your socks off, isn't it! 
It just shouts out....

Eat me!
Eat me!
Rah Rah!
Eat me!

No, I wasn't a cheer leader in high school.
Those of you who know me from high school are nodding your head and thinking...
"Nope, no way (chuckle, chortle) that girl is not coordinated. Isn't she the one with the husky male singing voice and really big feet?" 
Those two qualities alone do not a cheer leader make.

But if I could cheer for this fabulous Molten Lava Cake, I would!
 It is seriously like a party in your mouth my friends.
A fun old party. 
This recipe makes 8 ramekins full of heavenly chocolate bliss.
(You could easily 1/2 the recipe if you only want 4 ramekins full of chocolate bliss.)
 When your fork hits the center of the cake it just oozes out all over your plate....
I told you it was going to be a party in your mouth.

And that's not the best part. would like to send a lovely set of Ramekin dishes to one of you.

Now, aren't you so glad you dropped by today?  sent me two sets of these beautiful Ramekins and I have been thoroughly enjoying them. The pattern on the outside is just darling, and they are very well made. They bake well in the oven and are the perfect size for using as an ice cream dish as well. 
To enter the giveaway leave me a comment telling me how you would use these Ramekin dishes. Leave your comment by Wednesday Night at midnight, I will choose a winner at random and announce he or she on Thursday morning.  

Molten Lava Cake
Yield: 8 Servings
Time: 40 minutes
 recipe adapted from: Kraft Foods

8 squares Baker's Semi Sweet Chocolate
1 C butter (2 sticks)
2 C + 2 T powdered sugar
4 eggs
4 egg yolks
1 t vanilla
dash salt
12 T flour

1. In a medium sized microwaveable dish melt your chocolate and butter. Heat it up in 1 minute intervals, taking it out and stirring between each interval.
2. When it's nice and melted stir it all around to incorporate the butter into the chocolate.
3. Add the powdered sugar and stir to incorporate.
4. Add the eggs and egg yolks and blend them in with a wire whisk. Add the vanilla and salt and stir.
5. Stir in the flour.

6. Generously butter the insides of the Ramekins.
7. Pour the batter into the cups.

8. Bake at 425 degrees for 13 to 14 minutes. You want the out sides to be firm, but the center to be soft. Take them out of the oven and let the cute little darlings just sit there for a minute or two.
9. Run a knife around the edge of the dish and turn it upside down on your serving plate. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream.
Enjoy the party!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

***Betty Crocker Giveaway*** and Emily's Birthday Cake

About a month ago I was contacted by Betty Crocker through MyBlogSpark about a great giveaway opportunity. They sent me a wonderful Flip Video Camera, some coupons for a free cake mix and tub of frosting, and $100 gift card. All for the planning of my daughter Emily's birthday party! Isn't that fun! 
If you haven't looked at the Betty Crocker website it is a must see! There are all kinds of fabulous birthday cake ideas. They also have great ideas for party planning and hosting your child's dream party. I have added some of Betty Crockers Birthday Cake pictures and links for your easy access. Keep on a scrolling down.
The cake I made for Emily's birthday/baptism celebration is the cake pictured above. You can access the recipe complete with step by step instructions and pictures by clicking here, or just scroll down a bit and you will see it. I used three wonderful Betty Crocker Cake mixes to make this Tiered Cake with Raspberry Filling. Thanks Betty Crocker!
Betty Crocker is offering this fabulous gift package to one of you lucky readers! Included are a cake decorating kit, oven mitt, coupons for cake mix and frosting, large spoon and serving spatula. To enter leave me a comment telling me why you love a good cake mix. The giveaway deadline will be Thursday April 15th at midnight. I'll announce the winner on Friday morning. Good Luck everyone and thanks to Betty Crocker.    

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                                                   Firetruck Birthday Cake

                                               Zoo-rific Kids Birthday Party

                                                       Pop Star Diva Party