Friday, March 19, 2010

Charles Ingalls, and his muddy boots!

A few mornings ago I was feeding my children breakfast. There they were, all lined up on 5 soft and cushy bar stools....just waiting for their grub. Grub? Where did that word come from? I try not to make anything that might be labeled as "grub". When you hear the word "grub" do you automatically envision Charles Ingalls leaning over a camp fire cooking rabbit?
 I do.
Wonder if it was good?
Anyhow, while I was making breakfast I was thinking about a message I received from a great online store called They offered me the opportunity to review a fine set of Ramekins.
"What is a Ramekin?" you might be wondering!
"Is that the fat rabbit Charles Ingalls was cooking for dinner?"

No, my friends. A Ramekin is a small individual sized baking dish. I have been hearing all kinds of wonderful things about them and have been eager to try them out.  has agreed to send me 2 sets of these Ramekins...and they will also graciously be sending a set to one of you lucky readers. That is something to smile about! I am eager to receive mine. After I have tried them out I'll post a recipe that makes good use of these Ramekin dishes and  give you a chance to enter the giveaway.

Next week I am planning to post every day for 7 days in a row.
What is the occasion?
Think Spring! Think delicious luncheon type food! Think baby shower, wedding shower....
 Do not prepare your food in the shower.

I've got a wonderful "girl food" recipe line up that includes food  perfect for any kind of brunch, shower, luncheon, or Spring holiday get together. Hope to see you next week! I've got some great things in store!
(We will not be discussing Ramekin Rabbit Stew....let's leave that for Charles and his muddy boots.)  


  1. funny you are having a giveaway, I just bought some last week! If I had only known.. . :)

  2. Those are something I've been eyeing as well, among tons of other things! Can't wait to see what you have coming up next week! I love new ideas for showers! I have a couple coming up real soon!

  3. I am definitely looking forward to this. I need ideas. Thanks. Delighted to have foung you.

  4. Excited to see your spring ideas! So funny about Charles Ingalls! Ummm, I had a little crush on him. HeHe. AND, my mother picked the name Carrie after hearing it on Little House. Why am I admitting this?

  5. I can't wait. I have enjoyed browsing and trying your recipes. They are great.

  6. I would love a set. I just bought one of these exact same ramkeins the other day to use for a picture.