Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Ultimate Family Vacation

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The Ultimate Family Vacation. What would that look like in my minds eye. We are entering into a new age-phase at my house. I'm not talking about listening to "new age" music. I'm simply stating that....these kids of mine are getting older. We are past the baby stage, so there are no diapers or nursing routines to work into the mix. Eliminating those two things really opens up the possibilities, doesn't it!  I do believe I could come up with some great vacation plans.

Plans that would incorporate a wide range of interests. Our Ultimate Family Vacation might have to be a potpourri of sorts.

A hand full of days spent at Disney Land for the LittleTwinBoys.
(ok, the rest of us would love that, too.) 

A night out to see Wicked or Hairspray for TheParents and TheGirls. 

Some kind of sporting event we would all tolerate while TeenSonMark lived it up.  
(He's really hoping at least one of his twin brothers shows an interest in sports. The rest of us are just a bunch of music nerds....poor kid.)

And of course, the Ultimate Family Vacation would have to include a long stretch of days where nothing was planned. Nothing but time to do what ever suits our fancy. Play a little card game together, wrestle on the floor, dance around to MyHandsomeHusband's piano music, catch some frogs, swim in the lake, and read a good book.
(I like to go light on the frog catching and lake swimming. Heavy on the good book.) I'd want to talk about silly things. Talk about religion. Talk about other matters of importance. Remember about the past. Laugh about embarrassing moments. Laugh about life. Laugh with and about each other.

You see. It would need to be a mix. A mix of planned activities and open, unscheduled time. Time together. Time to really get to know each other better.
Time to talk,
and play, 
and laugh, 
and not answer the phone.   

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